Dr. Troy Krebs

Owner and practitioner at Full Moon Water since 2001.

Wanting to help people with their health in the most natural way lead her to Chinese Medicine, an ancient art of healing.

ASP and Board certified, Dr. Krebs uses acupuncture, herbs and other modalities to bring the spirit, mind, and body back into balance.

Dr. Krebs is also certified in nutrition, which she believes is the basic foundation to good health and a strong immune system. She has consoled and guided hundreds of clients back to health through better nutrition and better food choices, allowing patients to create a new and healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Krebs practices and teaches yoga and encourages all of us to move our bodies. This moves our blood, keeps us young, healthy and alive! She works with many imbalances: Cancer, Diabetes, Auto-Immune Disorders, Migraines, Female and Male Imbalances, Fertility Issues, Depression, Addictions, Emotional Imbalances, Chronic and Acute Body Pains – Just to name a few.

Aloha & Peace,
Troy Krebs